Julie Moon-Nguyen 
Mind Body & Wellness Coach
Endermologie Therapist

In 2003 I was looking for a treatment to help me reduce fat and cellulite after the birth of my first baby.

Not only was I feeling self-conscious about my body, I didn't know who I was anymore and I was feeling lost.

I happened to find Endermologie which helped me lose my pregnancy weight and reduce cellulite. What I didn't expect was that I also gained more self-confidence, health, vitality and energy.

I knew then that I wanted to help others experience what I felt and so I became an Endermologie Therapist.

In 2007 I stepped out on my own to build my own business and bring my vision of wellbeing to life. I was excited to go on a journey with clients to help them change their lives and transform their bodies. 

I soon discovered a limit to the level of results I could help women achieve when working on the physical body alone. I could see so much more potential within these women that it led me to explore her thinking. I found that her view of herself was not healthy. Yes the results were great and she was happier, but there was something still missing and she couldn't see the beauty and potential that I could see.

I realised that no matter how much we change and try to perfect the outside, if we still feel the same on the inside and tell ourselves the same story, no result, thing or person could ever be enough.

This is where coaching and mentoring fills the gap. Over the past 10 years I've helped women increase their self-esteem and self-confidence using natural treatments, and coaching and mentoring, to align her mind and body so she can reach her goals, her potential and ultimately regain her self-worth. 

I am proud to be the longest practicing and most experienced Endermologie Therapist in Canberra offering women this unique approach.

It's my mission to redefine beauty as the outward expression of, and acceptance of, all parts of ourselves so we can feel truly happy within.

We offer a safe, supportive and encouraging environment for you to explore beyond who you 'think' you are. 

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