Julie Moon-Nguyen

EndermoTherapist & Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach

In 2003 I discovered Endermologie when looking for a treatment to help me reduce fat and cellulite after the birth of my first baby.

I joined a gym for the first time and I had a series of 10 treatments. Not only did I lose my pregnancy weight and reduce cellulite, I gained more self-confidence, health, vitality and energy.

I was so impressed and excited by my results that I was offered a position as an Endermologie Therapist. I knew that I wanted to help others experience the many benefits Endermologie had to offer. 

I moved on from there to become Head Endermologie Therapist, Trainer and Manager of a clinic and a team of staff. 

In 2007 I stepped out on my own to build my own business and bring my vision of wellbeing to life and go on a journey with clients to help them change their lives and transform their bodies. 

I am proud to be the longest practicing and most experienced Endermologie Therapist in Canberra offering women world leading natural and non-invasive skin and body treatment solutions. Results are our goal and so we only have the latest generation equipment, software, and protocols for the most advanced treatments. This means faster and better results compared with previous generation equipment. 

Our products and services are of a high quality and standard, and from reputable suppliers that are backed by science and clinical studies. They also compliment and enhance each other so that you can improve your health and wellbeing and so we can provide a tailored solution.

Our products and services aim to boost your immune system, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce fat and toxins and firm and tone the skin. You can look your best naturally, improve your self confidence, increase your energy and achieve Eternal Wellbeing.

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