"I have completed the course of 8 IPL treatments over 8 weeks and the results are amazing. I am now on a monthly maintenance program.

People often remark on the beauty and clarity of my skin. I have always looked after my skin with regular facials and a daily routine of cleansing and moisturising. With having the IPL treatments I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the tone and texture of my skin and the wrinkles around my eyes have been reduced. 

I believe this treatment works so well as it works from the inside by stimulating the natural collagen production. IPL is quick, easy and does not rely on harsh chemicals or invasive treatments. 

I highly recommend IPL to anyone who wants to develop and maintain a youthful, glowing and healthy appearance." 



"First, I would like to thank you Julie for being you and for offering such a great service, you are a true blessing. Spending time in your clinic feels safe, nice and relaxing. You are professional, very helpful with the information that you provide during our sessions, and you are fun to talk to. I have tried so many different treatments and I must say Endermologie is the only treatment that works for me in helping me to transform the shape of my body. I do accept my part of the responsibility which is a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating well. Afterall I can't expect miracles if I'm not contributing to the whole process. You are doing your "work" with your heart and that's why you are so good at it."



"I have been going to Julie on and off for about 5 years now. She truly cares for (and gets!) the best results for her clients. My results have been great, and Julie's overall health and wellbeing advice is amazing. Beautiful clinic and beautiful clinician."



"After 23 Endermologie treatments I lost 59.5cm, mainly from my hips, thighs and stomach. I also lost 7kg of fat. Julie is amazing!

Julie is also very professional, experienced and very supportive. She will make sure you get the most out of your Endermologie treatments."



"There isn't a moment in my life that I could say that I was happy with my body or the way it looked. To be perfectly honest I hated my body. It is only now for the first time in 33 years that I am happy with my body shape, and I have Julie to thank for her amazing work.

During the time I have been attending Eternal Wellbeing I have noticed significant changes to my body. My legs in particular have amazed me, they no longer feel heavy and tight. Their appearance has improved and the skin feels softer and smoother. I must admit I find myself admiring my legs in the mirror. My confidence has been lifted and I am a lot happier. I feel fantastic. This is one luxury in life I am not about to give up!"



"The service and results I received from Julie at Eternal Wellbeing have been outstanding. Firstly, Julie was able to improve my stretch marks and cellulite which I have not been able to treat or lessen for almost 14 years. She continually adjusted my treatments to give me the best results possible. 

The results I have received from Julie's treatments have been fantastic and lasting. It has made a huge difference to how I feel about myself. Julie's manner and how she approaches her work is to be applauded. 

In my experience Julie has always been well-mannered, respectful and caring. I would highly recommend Eternal Wellbeing and Endermologie for anyone who is after fantastic service and lasting results."



"Fantastic! is the word I can use to describe how I felt after losing 25.5cm from just 7 treatments of Endermologie at Eternal Wellbeing.

There are so many wonderful benefits to having Endermologie treatments, these include improved circulation, body toning, fluid drainage, weight loss and best of all a decrease in body size. This all comes in an hours session with the very professional and hands-on expertise of Julie. 

Thanks a million because after many failed attempts at diets and weight loss I have finally found what works for me. 

You're a star! Thank you very much, all of your efforts are greatly appreciated."



"Many thanks for all your support, advice and help throughout the past year. I couldn't have achieved my goal without your support and enthusiasm, and also the special time you give me."



"Thank you for everything. I am a fan, no getting rid of me now!"



"Only four treatments and I can already see a difference. It has made a difference both physically and mentally."



*Disclaimer. Results do vary and are influenced by diet and lifestyle factors among others and so we cannot guarantee any specific result. We do not provide medical advice or claim to cure, diagnose or treat any illness or disease. Please seek medical advice when in doubt.   

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"I didn't think four Endermologie Treatments would make a significant difference to my stubborn fat however today I decided to try on a dress, one I had tried to get into in the past but was just too snug everywhere. And guess what.....I got into this dress with plenty of room to move!! I mean my arms, my back, my tummy! Omg just four treatments and great results!!"



Day 1 ~ "After my sauna and Endermologie treatments yesterday I followed it up with a workout at the gym. I can't believe how much of a difference just one session has made so i'm going to make the time to have them again tomorrow!"

Day 2 ~ "After my treatments today I followed it up with a game of tennis. Afterwards I decided to take a dip in the pool. When I put on my bikini the bottoms were loose! I can't believe how much I have shrunk in just a few days. How cool is that!"



"I don't generally sweat, even after running on the treadmill, however today I finally perspired. The sauna is really helping!!!".* 



"The sauna is really helping with my chronic fatigue. I feel so awake afterwards.* 



"My knees have improved a lot from my last Endermologie treatment and my legs look awesome!

I wore short shorts for the first time on weekend. I felt really good, my legs were smooth and for the first time I wasn't thinking about my cellulite."


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