One of our areas of expertise is in world leading 100% natural skin treatments by LPG including Lipomassage, Endermologie Body Treatments and Endermologie Face Treatments (A.k.a Endermolift). 

I am proud to be Canberra's longest practicing and most experienced EndermoTherapist and to provide our clients with the latest generation equipment, software, and protocols for the most advanced treatments. This means that we can achieve far better results in a shorter period of time compared to previous generation equipment. 

To further improve our results for our clients, we visited LPG Headquarters in Valence France in 2015 to learn directly from head trainers and to gain our Expert Training Certification in Endermologie Body and Face Treatments. We also assess and monitor and progressively adjust your treatments as your body changes, and we provide our experience and knowledge to guide you.  

What we love about Endermologie is that it treats the whole body, unlike other technologies that only spot treat and charge per area. Endermologie treats your whole body with focus on your specific target areas and we focus where you want to see results. The treatment feels and acts as a deep massage, providing relaxation and lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and reduce fluid retention. The treatment also increases blood circulation therefore enhancing total body and skin wellness inside and out. 

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