Cellulite affects 90% of women, even women who are slim, who exercise and eat healthy. 

With the new patented Endermologie Alliance treatment head we can target and treat the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth the skin. We offer customised and adaptable programs designed to suit your needs. 

Endermologie reduces cellulite for smoother skin

Endermologie is a 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive skin treatment that stimulates the fat cells (adipocytes) to release stored energy (fat) and toxins from within them.

Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, 90% of women are affected by cellulite.

Cellulite is a result of fat storage and water retention. The connective tissue that surrounds and encapsulates the fat cells distort and pull downwards under the pressure causing the orange peel appearance or dimples on the surface of the skin.

There are different types of cellulite. Aqueous cellulite occurs due to poor blood and lymphatic circulation which causes water retention. Adipose cellulite is associated with excess body fat. Fibrous cellulite is hard and compact as it's been present for a long time. 

Endermologie Alliance precisely targets and improves cellulite


The new patented Endermologie Alliance treatment head can be adapted to target and treat the different types of cellulite. It gently reactivates and stimulates the fat cells to open and release fat from the very first treatment.

Fat is reduced from the fat cells, blood and lymphatic circulation is restored, excess water and toxins are drained and tissues are softened. 

Over a series of sessions, and with the incorporation of a healthy diet, water intake and exercise, cellulite is reduced, skin becomes smoother while simultaneously firming and toning the skin.

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