Body Image reviews and testimonials


"Julie's skill goes well beyond the wonderful physical results we are able to see-Julie really does support her clients to be beautiful, inside and out. She provides a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that engages you in a journey of change that is much greater than the wonderful treatments she provides. Supporting, encouraging and coaching-Julie moves with her own beautiful presence to help you find your own."

Donna 2020

"I have had a series of coaching sessions with Julie. Julie is professional and knowledgeable. Her gentle demeanour is relaxing and she brings a touch of humour when appropriate. I always feel I can speak openly without criticism or judgement. Her positivity is encouraging.
Julie's coaching approach has brought a new dimension to my journey. She is able to distill the core issues and she establishes a plan to focus on addressing them. This has allowed me to move forward with confidence in new ways in my life, especially on areas I was previously unable to shift."

Jenny 2019

"The values work I did with Julie was thorough, specific and enlightening. She has great skill and adds tremendous insight. She is able to gently extract what is significant to you and hold the space for certainty and confidence to shine through. Julie is an expert in her field and I acknowledge her wisdom, patience, care and dedication to her profession."

Athene 2019

Weight loss, slim body, healthy lifestyl


"Fantastic is the word I would use to describe how I felt after losing 25.5cm from just 7 Endermologie treatments.


There are so many wonderful benefits including improved circulation, body toning, fluid drainage, weight loss and a decrease in body size.


Julie is an expert. After many failed attempts at diets and weight loss I have finally found something that works for me. You're a star! Thanks very much". 


—  Emily