I am so excited to announce the release of the Brand New 2017 LPG Endermologie Alliance at Eternal Wellbeing! Because it is my aim to provide you with the latest technology and the most effective results, it was time to move forward from the previous model, the "Integral" to the new "Alliance".

You now have exclusive access to this patented technology and it's only available here. I have limited spaces available and with summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to discover your ideal body.

This new treatment offers fat reduction, cellulite reduction, body sculpting, skin firming and drainage all in a single treatment.  Click on the video below to see Endermologie in action and visit this link to discover more. You can call me or email me by clicking here.

You Choose Your Results!

Welcome.Eternal Wellbeing Canberra is your total body and skin wellness solution for cellulite reduction, fat reduction, body sculpting and contouring, and anti-ageing for the face and body. 

We merge world leading technologies that are a natural blend of non-invasive, highly effective treatment solutions and a holistic and natural lifestyle approach to enhance your health and wellbeing and help you achieve your best body inside and out. 

Our technologies include Endermologie body and face treatments including Endermolift Facials and targeted Lipomassage Treatments. We also have Solocarbon Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Treatments with custom programs for weight loss, detoxification, relaxation, pain relief and skin rejuvenation. Finally we have IPL Skin Treatments for skin tightening, to reduce wrinkles, and promote natural collagen production. 

We work in partnership with you and it is our goal to inspire, support, guide and encourage you on your journey to achieve Eternal Wellbeing so that you can realise your body's true potential and increase your self-confidence and energy. As your body changes we continually assess, monitor and progressively adjust your treatments as your body changes in order to achieve the best possible results. Often making these personal transformations leads our clients to take brave and bold steps in other areas of their lives and we love being a part of their change journey. 

Our Latest Brand News

New targeted Express Endermologie Body Treatments are ideal for targeting diet and exercise resistant fat on the thighs, tummy and back. Perfect if you want to fit one in on your lunch break and if you need results in one particular stubborn area.

Targeted Express Endermologie Face treatments are perfect if you are noticing the first signs of ageing. Perhaps small wrinkles around the eyes are appearing? Maybe you want to slow down or reverse the effects of time, or perhaps you want glowing and radiant skin for an event that's coming up? Express treatments for the body and face are quick and effective. 

Prices start from $39 per session. For more information and pricing call me today on 0434 537 962.

*Disclaimer. Results do vary and are influenced by diet and lifestyle factors among others and so we cannot guarantee any specific result. We do not provide medical advice or claim to cure, diagnose or treat any illness or disease. Please seek medical advice when in doubt.   

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