Julie Moon-Nguyen-Body Image Coach


Julie Moon-Nguyen

Founder of Eternal Wellbeing

Internationally Certified Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

Endermologie Specialist

Hi my name is Julie and I help women build a positive and healthy body and self-image.

After the birth of my first baby in 2003 I was looking for a way to get my pre-baby body back. I was feeling self-conscious and wanted to feel like myself again. I was also feeling a bit lost and I wanted a purpose beyond my role as a mum. 

I joined a gym and came across Endermologie; a natural, non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for fat and cellulite reduction. I loved it!! My body felt like mine again. I felt healthier, I had more self-confidence and energy.

I wanted other women to experience feeling confident and comfortable in their bodies, to no longer feel self-conscious, and learn to love and accept their bodies.

I discovered a limit though...

Inevitably that "better" feeling would fade and be replaced with more expectations, perfection and self-judgement. Changing the outside didn't change the feeling on the inside.

The flaw wasn't her body but in her thinking. It was her self-image, how she viewed herself, and how she thought others viewed her.

Something was always missing. No matter how much she tried to perfect the outside, it would never be enough. 

This was my story too. A journey I had been on without realising since the age of 11. I thought I would find happiness when my body looked a certain way but I discovered that the beliefs I held about myself would always win.

This is when my true healing journey began.

I am passionate about helping women heal those old wounds, redefine who they are and rediscover their true potential.

Working holistically on your mind, body and soul is what allows you to experience all of what life has to offer.

Certified Advanced Coach
Certified Practitioner of Coaching
Professional Coach Member
Master Practitioner Member
Level 1 Meta Dynamics Certified Practitioner
Certified Nutrition and Health Coach

"You are imperfect. Permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful"

Amy Bloom