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Cellulite affects 90% of women. This includes women who are slim, and women who exercise and eat healthily.

It's very common to have cellulite on the thighs and bottom, and sometimes it can appear on the upper arms and stomach.

Many women feel self-conscious and want to get rid of cellulite so they can feel better.

Cellulite can have a real impact on your confidence and self-esteem. It can mean you are less social and playful, you hide and cover your body, and you worry what people think. 

I help women feel more confident, feel comfortable in their own skin, and more free within themselves.

Endermologie helps with your confidence by helping you achieve a healthy body and improve the appearance of cellulite so you don't have to think about it so much. At the same time we work on helping you develop a positive body image. If you would like to start changing your body image and self-perception read our blog post.

You can enjoy Endermologie as a stand alone treatment or combine our Coaching and Mentoring Service to understand more deeply the underlying core beliefs that impact how you feel about yourself. We work on healing and changing your beliefs so you can learn to love and respect your body, accept yourself, and value who you are.

Endermologie reduces cellulite for smoother skin

A Cellulite Treatment with a Natural Approach

For almost 20 years I've been treating women in Canberra with Endermologie Treatments. I love it because it's a 100% natural, non-invasive and non-surgical cellulite treatment. Endermologie treats all 3 types of cellulite including aqueous cellulite, adipose cellulite and fibrous cellulite. The patented LPG treatment head along with the motorised flap, roller and rhythmical action, stimulates the skin and the fatty tissues to give you smoother skin and reduce cellulite naturally.

The treatment feels like a deep massage which leaves you feeling lighter and relaxed. Additionally, it increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation to improve your overall sense of wellbeing. 
I have developed a holistic approach to treating cellulite which centres around a healthy diet, hydration, home care, healthy lifestyle habits and a positive body image. 

If you would like to gain some insights into what I share with my clients then download my free guide below. By implementing my tips you will see a significant improvement in your cellulite. Learn what works and what you can do to feel great about yourself and learn to love and accept your body.

Click the button below and sign up to receive your FREE Guide on my Top 5 Tips to Reduce Cellulite, Body Fat and Firm Your Skin Naturally!


What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is the result of fat storage and water retention, as well as loss of elasticity which occurs with ageing. Between the layers of skin are fibrous connective tissue bands that pull downwards, while fat cells push upwards. These two opposing forces create pressure and distortion causing a dimpled appearance.  


What contributes to cellulite are lifestyle factors, diet, hormonal fluctuations, genetics, medications, age and more.


There are different types of cellulite; aqueous cellulite occurs due to poor blood and lymphatic circulation which causes water retention; adipose cellulite is associated with excess body fat; and fibrous cellulite is the result of poor blood circulation to an area of the body for a prolonged period of time.


The beauty of Endermologie is that it can treat all types of cellulite while at the same time firming and tightening the skin. We develop programs customised to your body and cellulite type and we progressively adjust the treatment protocol as your body changes and improves.

Endermologie Alliance precisely targets and improves cellulite


The new patented Endermologie Alliance treatment head can be adapted to target and treat the different types of cellulite. It gently reactivates and stimulates the fat cells to open and release fat from the very first treatment.

Fat is reduced from the fat cells, blood and lymphatic circulation is restored, excess water and toxins are drained and tissues are softened. 


Over a series of sessions, and with the incorporation of a healthy diet, water intake and exercise, cellulite is reduced, skin becomes smoother while simultaneously firming and toning the skin.

Combine Endermologie and Body Image Coaching

Learn to Love and Accept Your Body

Combine Endermologie and Infrared Sauna to improve cellulite

Improve Skin Health

Blend Treatments and

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