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The new patented Endermologie Alliance Treatment gives you the ability to target and reduce diet and exercise resistant fat on the body and face. This makes non-surgical body sculpting and face slimming now possible. 

Achieve targeted fat reduction in areas such as the double chin, upper and lower tummy, back of arms, around knees, inner and outer thighs, waist, love handles, back, bra area, and under the bottom.

Our programs are customised to suit your desired fat loss needs and we adapt our treatments as your body changes.

Endermologie targets stubborn fat on thighs and stomach

Endermologie: A Versatile Fat Reduction Treatment

Endermologie is a 100% natural, non-invasive, non-surgical skin treatment that stimulates the fat cells (adipocytes) to release stored energy (fat) and toxins from within them.

It acts as a weight reduction treatment to speed up fat loss and support you in achieving your weight loss goals sooner. Seeing and feeling results week after week motivates you and keeps you on track. If you've hit a weight loss plateau, we share 9 tips on what you can do.
If weight loss is not your goal but body sculpting and contouring is, we can target pockets of localised fat. Often these areas are hard to shift with diet and exercise alone. We can target those specific areas and reactivate fat cells in those areas to achieve body reshaping and refine your curves.

Ageing and hormonal changes can also make losing fat more difficult, particularly around the tummy. Our ability to burn fat declines with age and this leads to fat storage. As the fat cells increase in size, surrounding blood and lymphatic vessels are compressed and blood flow is reduced. Over time this can lead to an increase in cellulite, fluid retention, circulation problems, and loss of skin tone and elasticity. With the help of our fat reduction treatment you can start feeling lighter and more comfortable around your waistline.

I have helped women of all ages for almost 20 years to feel more comfortable in their bodies. I have gained a lot knowledge into what works and what you can do to feel great about yourself and learn to love and accept your body.

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Endermologie Alliance treatment precisely targets and releases fat


The new patented Endermologie Alliance treatment head gently reactivates and stimulates the fat cells to open and release fat from the very first treatment.


The treatment intensity is adapted to suit the skin type and density, to increase effectiveness of the treatment and to respect the skin at the same time.


Over a series of sessions, and with the incorporation of a healthy diet, water intake and exercise, the fat cells shrink in size resulting in precisely targeted fat reduction while simultaneously firming and toning the skin.

Blend Treatments and

Combine Endermologie and Body Image Coaching

Learn to love and Accept Your Body

Combine Endermologie and Infrared sauna to Increase fat burning

Lose Weight and Burn Fat

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