Medical Grade, Clinically Backed, Non-Toxic, Eco-Certified

Sunlighten's patented 3-in-1 technology delivers the full infrared spectrum including near, mid and far infrared wavelengths. This allows for greater choice in health benefits and the ability to choose your custom program.


Health benefits include detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, pain relief, anti-ageing, improved circulation and muscle recovery.

Investing in your health and wellbeing is an important step in living a healthy, vibrant and energetic life. 


Through extensive research it has been found that different parts of the infrared spectrum are more effective than others at targeting various health benefits. Near infrared is ideal for cell health and skin rejuvenation, mid infrared for pain relief and circulation, and far infrared for detoxification, weight loss and blood pressure reduction.

With the optimal infrared output achieved for each wavelength, you will receive the maximum health benefits possible that enable you to reach your health goals sooner.


Detox your body with an infrared sauna
Detox Your Body

Sunlighten Saunas stimulate the body at a cellular level and create a deep detoxifying sweat experience. Toxins that build up in the body over time can lead to illness and disease. By releasing the toxins through a natural sauna detox you can relieve symptoms, prevent future toxic build up and improve overall health and wellbeing. 

Lose weight by detoxifying and burning fat with infrared sauna
Lose Weight

Lose weight by detoxifying the body and burning fat while you relax. Sunlighten Saunas are the only saunas clinically shown to aid in weight loss and raise the core temperature by two-to-three degrees. As core temperature and heart rate increases the body works hard to cool itself while burning up to 600 calories.

Relax & Reduce Stress

Stress is a natural mental and physical response to life experiences. However prolonged stress can affect the body and mind and lead to health issues, immune and digestive problems, weight gain and anxiety. Enjoy a relaxing, soothing moment to unwind, destress and take time out for yourself. Also a perfect space to meditate and reflect.  

Back Pain
Pain Relief

Experience natural pain relief as the infrared heat from a Sunlighten Sauna penetrates joints, muscles and tissues. As blood circulation and oxygen flow are increased, the body is better able to heal itself and reduce pain, inflammation and soreness. Sunlighten's MPulse Series is the only sauna to offer near infrared heat which is proven to reduce pain.


Restore and rejuvenate your skin naturally while receiving all the additional benefits that come with Sunlighten's Infrared sauna treatments. Experience a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, clear complexion, increased skin firmness and elasticity. Infrared saunas also improve acne and scarring, and increase collagen and elastin.

Fit Girl
Improve Circulation

Improve circulation naturally in a Sunlighten Sauna and experience an increase in blood flow similar to regular exercise. As body temperature rises so does blood flow. Enjoy the benefits of exercising while you sit and relax in this passive cardiovascular workout.

Patented 3-in-1 Infrared Therapy

The infrared spectrum is made up of near (NIR) mid (MIR) and far (FIR) waves. For your comfort and safety Sunlighten provides non-toxic and highly emissive carbonized bamboo as a protective cover for their heaters. Their patented technology provides a consistent output of near, mid and far infrared at their peak wavelengths. You can create your own custom program or choose one of our preset wellness programs.


Weight Loss


Pain Relief



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