Body Image Coaching


Body Image Coaching is for women just like you who... 

Are tired of feeling self-conscious about your body and what other people think of you. Instead you want to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and free to express who you really are. 

I know it’s not easy being a woman who’s trying so hard to accept who you are and to love your body, especially when you expect a lot of yourself. You may have the added pressure of wanting to be a good mum and wanting your kids to feel confident and feel good about themselves. 

There’s also the outside pressure to look and be a certain way, and the fact that you care a lot about what other people think of you doesn’t help either.

It can feel frustrating, overwhelming and disheartening.

I know how you feel!

Feeling more comfortable in my body and feeling less self-conscious wasn’t easy. Letting go of what other people thought of me wasn’t easy either. I certainly had challenges of my own.


I remember when I was always worried about how I looked, how I would be perceived, what people were thinking about me.


I felt like if I fixed the outside and behave a certain way I would feel better.


I wouldn’t worry anymore about criticism or judgement.


I would be able to wear what I want and say how I feel. I would be more relaxed, social, have more fun.

I would feel free!


The reality though was very different…


Trying to meet everyone else’s expectations of “perfect”, as well as my own was really hard.


No matter what I did or how I looked I never felt good enough. It would all get too hard and overwhelming so I would stop caring about myself.

To other people I looked okay, but they didn’t know how self-conscious I felt. They didn’t know I felt anxious and insecure all the time because I was so good at hiding and covering up my body.

It was tiring keeping it together all the time.

I’m lucky I didn’t have to overcome it on my own though because I don’t how I would have done it…

And I’m really lucky I discovered the one thing that would change the relationship I have with myself and others forever…

It’s the one thing that has let me know that I am good enough.

That how I look doesn’t define me or control my life anymore…

And I call it "The Body Confidence Code™"…

It's my personal success code to body confidence and self-worth that I have developed and grown over 16 years.

It's my Private Coaching Program that works holistically to align mind and body.

A program where you have me, your personal coach, supporting and guiding you. 

A coach who helps you see a new perspective.

A coach who helps you transform your thinking, your mindset, your beliefs into a new reality...

So you can rediscover you, beyond your body!

Build body confidence and improve self-image


What is the Program about?

This program is one that has emerged over some 16 years of healing work I've done around my own body image, and it's a program I'm truly passionate about. Along the journey I've had the honour of working alongside hundreds of women with the same struggles and so this program has organically developed as I supported these women on a similar journey.

This program is multi-layered. First we look at your vision and purpose and then align your goals and values to bring that vision to life. Inevitably what has stopped you in the past will surface. Here we explore your limiting beliefs and fears and gain an understanding of why. With awareness we give new light to what was in the shadows and recognise the role and purpose it played.

We explore the roles you play, the behaviours you do and strategies you run. We look at emotions and conflicts and finally we integrate, accept and realign to discover a new potential and perception of yourself.

Like life, this is an ever-evolving journey that is not linear but it is an exciting and challenging path that will enable you to uncover who you were always meant to be.




To better prioritise yourself, your health and your needs so you can better manage life's challenges and remain on track.


To learn to love and accept yourself and your body and care less about what other people think of you.


To learn to manage your emotions and be able to express your feelings in a healthy functional way rather than finding comfort in food.


To let go of the constant and never-ending battle to "feel better", to "look right" or feel "good enough" and instead feel happy, at peace and free to wear what you want.


To feel more comfortable and confident in your body and less self-conscious and insecure.


To change the way you view yourself. To quiet the negative voice in your head that says you're not good enough and instead realise your worth, your value and your potential.



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Body Image Coaching Programs



Private Coaching Program for body confidence

LEVEL 1 ~ $697

Over 4 weeks we will develop your Custom Success Plan to set the foundations for your successful outcome

This program is for you if...

You are self-motivated

You love learning and "doing" the work

You are lacking a clear compelling vision and purpose and so you experience inconsistency in the journey to achieve your goals.

With a clear and compelling vision that drives you, no matter what challenge comes your way you know your "why" to keep forging ahead. 

What's Included...

4 x 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions

A Done-With-You Custom Success Plan

Self-Care Gift Package Valued at $35

Our signature eBook "The Body Confidence Breakthrough; 3 Steps to Restoring Your Self-Worth"

Take home tools and practices to bring your vision to life

LEVEL 2 ~ $997

Over 3 Months we will not only create your Custom Success Plan, we will explore the limiting beliefs and fears that are making you play small, and keeping you stuck.

This program is for you if...

You are willing to challenge yourself and the way you think

You are willing to let go of what's holding you back from the life you say you want

You want to understand why you are holding yourself back and how you can move forward 

With greater awareness and clarity of who you are, and why you are, a renewed sense of self and compelling vision allows you to move towards your goals with a new found confidence.

What's Included...

6 x 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions 

A Done-With-You Custom Success Plan

Self-Care Gift Package Valued at $65

Our signature eBook "The Body Confidence Breakthrough; 3 Steps to Restoring Your Self-Worth"

Take home tools and practices to integrate your change work

Payment plan option

Private Coaching Program to improve body image
Private Coaching Program to improve self-image

LEVEL 3 $1997

Over 6 months we will create your Custom Success Plan, explore and redefine your limiting beliefs and fears, and realign your values with your vision for congruency. We will also explore and resolve inner conflicts, and connect to your emotional wellbeing so you can experience a purposeful, meaningful life and rediscover you.

This program is for you if...

You are willing to take new steps to create different results

You are willing to change and challenge a familiar groundhog day with a new and exciting path

You are ready to align who you need to be so you can have the life you want

With a new found shift in perception, clarity of vision and taking progressive action steps, you will soon realise a new reality, a new belief system, a renewed sense of who you are and your potential, beyond your body.

What's Included...

12 x 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions

A Done-With-You Custom Success Plan

Self-Care Gift Package Valued at $130

Our signature eBook "The Body Confidence Breakthrough; 3 Steps to Restoring Your Self-Worth" 

Take home tools and practices to integrate your change work

Payment plan option

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