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Body Image Coaching and Mentoring

Improve Your Self-Esteem

A journey from self-conscious to self-confident

If you're like me, you might relate to some of what I'm about to share... I wonder if sometimes you see a woman with confidence and wish you could be like that? She looks content, she doesn't care what people think, and even though her body isn't perfect you admire her for putting herself out there. You wish you could be like that! Why is it so hard for you to like your body and accept it and feel comfortable?  I'm sure you've tried different diets, maybe if you lose weight you'll feel more comfortable, your clothes will fit better. Perhaps you've tried different creams, supplements, treatments...  In the beginning you see and feel a difference, you have more confidence, it feels exciting but it doesn't last. You have a bad day, you start thinking negatively, maybe you eat some unhealthy food, and you give up.  I know how frustrating, disheartening and saddening those days feel. It feels like you'll never get there and it feels hopeless.... What I discovered on my journey to healing my own body image was that it wasn't confidence that I needed to gain, it was something else. It was self-acceptance. I also realised I was looking for it in the wrong place. I was looking for it from others. All of my choices were based on how I would be perceived. Deep down I thought I was wasn't good enough and I was scared of being judged, criticised or humiliated. I thought that by "fixing" my body I would be accepted and avoid criticism. I thought this would bring me the freedom, contentment and happiness I was looking for. No matter how hard I tried to get the "perfect" body, I could never get there. My body never looked the way I wanted it to, I was never satisfied and it was never good enough in my eyes. This meant I would give up because it was too hard. I would try to be good but I would always fall off the wagon. To other people I looked okay, but they didn’t know how I felt on the inside. They didn’t know I felt anxious, ashamed and insecure because I was so good at hiding my body and my emotions. One day I just became tired of the roller coaster and the insecurity. Changing my body wasn't working but if I could understand why I felt badly about my body, maybe I could change that? I was excited about the possibility of my body not having to define me anymore. It was time to really get to know myself on a much deeper level. I started to get curious about how I was thinking about myself. What were the beliefs that I held about myself that were controlling and limiting my experience of life? How were my emotions driving my choices and decisions? Feeling more comfortable in my body and within myself wasn’t easy. Letting go of what other people thought of me was hard too, and I still have my days. The difference now is that my inner voice has become more kind, compassionate and understanding. I've learned the hidden wisdom it holds and that helps me grow into a better version of myself everyday. I found that with greater awareness, came a greater sense of responsibility to change for myself and my children. I began to take steps to change how I perceived myself. I started to express myself more, say yes to myself, say no to others. I thought less and less about my body and I started to appreciate myself more and more. Now I love helping other women understand who they are and why they are. I help women improve their self-esteem and find their inner confidence with my 1:1 Coaching Program; "The Body Confidence Code™".  It's a program where you have me as your personal support, guiding and mentoring you on your personal journey. I help you find a new perspective so you can transform your thinking, your mindset and your beliefs so you can have the freedom to be you and take care of your body in a loving way.

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Build body confidence and improve self-image


What is the Program about?

This program is one that I have developed over some 18 years of healing work I've done around my own body image, and it's a program I'm truly passionate about. Along the journey I've had the honour of working alongside hundreds of women with similar struggles and so this program has organically developed as I supported these women on their journey.

This program is multi-layered. At the core of this program is understanding who you are and why you are. It's about bringing awareness to your negative thoughts and the core beliefs you have about yourself. It's looking at the emotions and the behaviours that are preventing you from having the body confidence you want. With a new level of awareness you can make different choices moving forward. Knowing is one part but implementation is the most important part. This is how you rebuild your confidence, your self-esteem and your self-worth. Read our blog post to learn more about overcoming low self-esteem and embracing body acceptance.


We will explore your values, identity and vision and as you integrate a new way of being, you learn to accept yourself as you gain a new perspective.

Like life, this is an ever-evolving journey that is not linear but it's an exciting path with lots of growth that will enable you to uncover who you were always meant to be. To find out more about what our customers think read our testimonials.

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What You'll Learn in Our Program:


To better prioritise yourself, your health and your needs so you can manage life's challenges and remain on track.


To love and accept yourself and your body and care less about what other people think of you.


To  better manage your emotions and be able to express your feelings in a healthy functional way rather than finding comfort in food.


To let go of the constant and never-ending battle to "feel better", to "look right" or feel "good enough" and instead feel happy, at peace and free to wear what you want.


To feel more comfortable and confident in your body and less self-conscious and insecure.


To change the way you view yourself. To quiet the negative voice in your head that says you're not good enough and instead realise your worth, your value and your potential.



National/International Based Clients


Local Canberra/Surrounding Area Based Clients

Find out more about our programs, pricing and payment plans. This is a great opportunity to see if we're a good fit for you. Click below to book a free 30-minute Body Confidence Discovery Call.

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