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Low Self-Image: Is Your Life Worth the Lift™?

Updated: Feb 21

Low self-image and lack of self-confidence are two reasons why you may be looking for

something that will help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

woman frowning

Maybe you’ve tried everything and although you eat pretty well and exercise, you can’t shift that stubborn fat or cellulite.

Feeling like there’s no other option, you start thinking about cosmetic procedures, but it scares you.

But what if there was another option, something you hadn’t considered yet?

Here I offer you a new perspective on how to build a positive body image and restore your confidence naturally and without invasive procedures.

So why are women so critical of their bodies anyway?

Why are so many opting for surgical procedures to feel better about themselves?

There are many reasons…

When you open Facebook or Instagram you see beautiful, flawless, perfect bodies or at least the promise of achieving one in a matter of weeks.

You’re conditioning yourself by constantly feeding your subconscious mind with images and messages of how your body should look.

It's so easy to edit, retouch or enhance your photo and add filters to ensure you're showing yourself in the "best" light.

Turn on the radio and you hear an advertisement to pop in on your lunch break for a quick injectable.

With the ease and accessibility of surgical procedures it plays well into our insecurities, shame, impatience and our “results now” attitude.

Did you know that mummy makeovers remain popular with mothers who have finished having a family and who are keen to rejuvenate their figure to restore their self-image and self-confidence?

Each year, Australians spend approximately $1 billion on cosmetic treatments.

Botox (AKA Botulinum Toxin) is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. Just one gram of botulinum toxin could kill over 1 million people. Two kilograms could kill the entire human population on Earth.

Paralysing muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles is not the path for everyone, but it’s become more accepted and mainstream, and there’s less stigma around undergoing procedures.

Did you know that symptoms of un-wellness are reported soon after getting breast implants?

Did you also know that there is rapid improvement after removal?

If you prefer a natural and holistic approach to cellulite reduction, fat reduction, firming and lifting then Endermologie is a proven alternative.

Endermologie is a 100% natural, painless and relaxing treatment for the face and body.

No treatment is ever enough alone though, you must address the underlying lack of self-

esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

You may think you’re addressing this by “fixing” your body but has that ever worked long-term? Didn’t you still criticise and judge yourself afterwards?

No matter what, you can’t reach the expectations or “perfect” you’re looking for because it can’t be found outside of you. The answer lies within you.

Comparing yourself to someone’s final result, or someone’s best day is unrealistic. You’re not seeing the sacrifice, restrictions and modifications. And, you’re not seeing the struggle, the

fears and the self-loathing that lies underneath.

What you are seeing is a mask.

So how can you build a positive body image and restore your confidence naturally?

The answer lies in your thinking. This begins with awareness.

Firstly, you must become aware of your inner critic and take note of what it's saying. Start noticing that little voice in your head that does a lot of talking. What does the voice say when you look in the mirror? What do you tell yourself? What are the negative statements you make about your body?

Once you become aware of what the voice is saying, repeat the statement aloud three times. For example, it might say “I hate my thighs" but I want you to add "I hate my thighs and that’s okay”. Breath in and out three times. Allow any feelings to bubble up and be with those feelings. You may feel sadness or anger and that's okay.

By doing this you acknowledge and “out” the inner critic. While it remains locked away you affirm this as inner shame.

Now I want you to replace that statement with a loving statement. For example, you could say "I am whole and complete and I am enough". Say it aloud three times and take three deep breaths as you allow that to seep into your subconscious mind.

As you repeat this over time you will start to rewire your brain and override that old belief.

Affirmations however are not enough on their own, they require an action to cement the new belief in place. Through action you also gather new evidence to confirm the new belief and override the old belief.

You may for example, wear a piece of clothing that's more figure hugging to show the contours of your body. As you unveil your body you begin to realise that nobody cares. Your worst fear is not "out there" it only exists in your head. Everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves. Those who do judge are only revealing and deflecting their own personal insecurities.

I love this quote by Regina Brett "What other people think of you is none of your business".

What she is saying is that no matter what you do or don't do, you have no control over what someone else thinks of you. What matters is what you think of you, what you believe about yourself.

It's important to spend time with the part of you that is hard on yourself, the part that judges. Take a short time in your day either in a quiet space, in nature or in meditation and ask this part of you what it needs. What is this part of me missing? How can I give this part of me what it needs? What action can I do every day to give this part of me what it's missing?

Let's learn together how to "love your body to health".

If you would like to learn more about how I can support you in developing a healthy body image, click on the link below and book in for a free chat!


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